Residential Cleaning Service

A Complete Clean

Kitchen: Cobwebs, wipe down cabinets, wash counters, microwave, stove, fridge, scrub sinks, glass and windows, vacuum/mop floors.

Living Room/Dining Room: Cobwebs, dusting furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, glass and windows, vacuum furniture, vacuum/mop floors.

Bedrooms: Cobwebs, dusting furniture, ceiling fans, baseboards, remove trash, make beds, glass and windows, vacuum/mop floors.

Bathrooms: Cobwebs, air vents, light fixtures, mirrors, sinks, counters, cabinets, scrub shower/tub, toilets, baseboards, vacuum/mop floors

A Deeper Clean

Every home typically needs a one time deep clean before a maintenance clean. This is a complete cleaning of everything in your home from ceilings to baseboards. We clean inside/outside of the refrigerator and cabinets. We vacuum curtains, wash windows, change bedding, scrub floors, srub shower glass to get off any harsh water stains, clean any fixtures, vacuum air vents, scrub inside of oven and stove grates, and get cobwebs near front and back doors too! Our priority with a deeper cleaning is to get all of the tougher jobs done for you and get your home looking brand new!